About the Software

New Online Registration System (2nd Beta Test)

  • Our newly developed debate software has been greatly improving our tournaments and getting rave reviews.
  • In response to the amazing success we decided to create an online registration system with individual accounts, to…
    • replace the long and buggy Google forms.
    • significantly reduce repetitive data entry.
    • considerably shorten and streamline the registration process.
    • check tournament status and results (in the works).
    • serve as our tournament home base, with many more cool and useful features coming in the future!
  • These awesome new tools are made possible thanks to Chris Cogdon’s skills and volunteering countless hours of his precious time!
  • As with all Beta tests, there will be some bugs…  Please reach out to us if you encounter any issues.
  • The registration system is currently by invite and will hopefully be open to the public after this Beta.
  • To create a New Account:  Please complete this form, so we can send you a personalized link to create tournament registration account.
  • Already have an Account:  Please go to Register.NorcalDebateLeague.org and sign in!
  • Chris maintains a Release Notes page to describe new features.