Debater Prep

What to Bring

  1. Notebook:  Students may bring their “Debate Notebooks”.  Expect to use over 20 sheets of paper at the tournament.
  2. 3 Pens:  You want to have spares should a pen run out of ink mid debate!
  3. Class Notes & Printouts:  You may bring and use any class notes and printouts from this website!
  4. Digital Timer:  You may ONLY use digital timers.  No ticking timers, watches or smart devices.  Nothing that connects to the internet, makes calls, plays music or makes computations.  We will have SOME spares for the tournament, which you may borrow for $10 (refundable upon return of the timer).
    Taylor Digital Timer (Amazon)
    Presto Digital Timer (Amazon)
  5. Pocket Dictionary:  You do not need one for the tournament, but I HIGHLY recommend it in case you come across an unfamiliar word.
  6. Backpack, Messenger Bag, Tote or Briefcase:  You will need this to keep all your things together comfortably and not loose anything.
  7. Drinking Bottle!
  8. Most importantly, come with a positive attitude!  This is a wonderful chance to learn how to change the world.  It is not about winning and losing.  It is about building confidence, becoming a powerful public speaker, hearing new interesting ideas and viewpoints, experimenting, exploring, learning and most importantly: Having fun while doing that!

Tournament Dress Code

  • Buying new clothes is not required!
  • Dress like you will meet the President on TV.
  • More formal than fancy (no ball-gowns or tuxes).
  • Absolute minimum:  Dress pants and a long-sleeved collared button-up shirt/blouse.
  • Boys:  Suit and tie.  Dress pants, long-sleeved collared button-up shirt and tie, with a blazer or sportcoat.
  • Girls:  Dress.  Skirt, long-sleeved blouse or collared button-up shirt, with optional blazer.  Suit and tie.  Dress pants, long-sleeved blouse or collared button-up shirt and tie, with blazer.
  • Shoes:  Try wearing comfortable dress shoes first, if you have them.  Running shoes are OK (dark colors are better).  Bring a pair of running shoes to change into.  Girls:  Please wear flats, rather than heels.