Debate Topics

Sample / Practice Debate Topics

Here are some sample Debate topics to get you thinking!

  • It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • We should tax the wealthy more.
  • This House would clean itself up.
  • We ought to hold onto our prize.
  • This House would put safety first.
  • People are more brave than scared.
  • This House would protect the earth.
  • The United States should give more.
  • Nothing is more important than health.
  • We should make a colony on the moon.
  • Happiness is more important than safety.
  • School should be limited to six hours a day.
  • Money should be taken from education and given to the hungry.
  • This House would limit the amount of garbage you can produce per week.
  • It is more important to keep your money for emergencies than to help others in need.